Chromecast does not work on My Cloud app (android)

For some reason chomecast icon doesn´t show on My Cloud app. I have Sony xperia 5 ii 5g phone and have tested this with two other phones (Sony, Xiaomi) without luck. All other apps work just fine with chomecast (youtube, netflix, viaplay…). Do you have any idea what could be the problem? My understanding is that this app supports chromecast.

Device is My Cloud home 4T and firmware version is 7.15.1-101. Application version. 4.17.0.

Hi @Viljane5,

Please refer to the article of Chromecast Icon does not appear in the My Cloud OS 3 mobile App:

Like I wrote, other apps are working and I am connected to same wlan than my television. I use android so this thread doesn’t give solution.

When I open a photo and select “open in” and use other photo viewer application it works but I can’t have slide shows or scroll photos on tv. It is very unpractical to open each time different application to open the photo and use chromecast.