Chapter Searching and Navigation in Live Plus?

I just purchased the Live Plus because I had read that this new Box would navigate both normal DVD’s and Blu Rays back-uped on Hard Drives.  I have the “over a year” old WD HD GEN 2 box that no longer gets firmware updates, bought this new unit expecting the newer features, and I can’t move forward or reverse-chapter to chapter as it says directly on the packaging that it would do…

Am I the only guy wondering why this is?

What am I missing here?

What container are the “backups” in?

Used DVD Fab and put them on an external hard drive.  Did this for both standard DVD’s and BD.

m2ts…for BD

Is it the file type that is the trouble?  Can anyone else navigate from chapter to chapter in movies?

I’m thinking that it is, but I’m trying to confirm that.

My immediate guess is that when WD says that skipping chapter-to-chapter is done with the “Prev” and “Next” buttons if supported, that it isn’t supported for .m2ts files.  I don’t have a Live Plus myself, to know for sure.

What is strange to me is, My WD HD Gen 2 player would not navigate Chapters, but I also bought a Seagate Theater Plus Player that would navigate SD DVD back-ups on my hard drive, but it had so many other bugs that were never fixed , and it would not navigate BD movies…

I purchased this new unit thinking that this was my way to fix the many bugs that the original WD HD had and the bugs that the Seagate had. 

I was simply trying to find one unit that would work.   Is there such a unit?

You’re asking the wrong guy. :smileyvery-happy:

I’m still using a Gen1 WDTV… not the Live or the Live Plus.

Hopefully someone with a Live Plus can help you soon.

The WDTV Live/+ doesn’t support BD navigation at all and thus won’t do the chapters.  

The WDTV Live/+ DOES support DVD navigation and chapter skip works fine using the |< and >| buttons, or by selecting the chapter via the menu.

I cannot get it to skip chapters on Regular DVD files.  It when you press the >l it causes the movie to restart. 

Any ideas?

Figured it out…you have to press enter when you get to the Video_Folder and then press play on the first chapter folder listed, the movie plays, and then it allows you to select chapters and skip ahead normally.

Sheesh, the ■■■■ you have to do to get this stuff to work…LOL

Won’t work on BD though…will it ever, maybe in a Firmware??? or maybe the next purchase of yet another media player???  LOL

Nope…  WD has already said that they aren’t going to support BD navigation due to the requirement for Java.

You CAN rip a BD to MKV using the latest versions of Handbrake and it will support chapters.

DVD FAB has the ability to make the BD MKV.  I am attempting to try it right now.