Help with retaining chapters

I just bought the WD TV media player to watch my backups from my WD my book. I have tried ripping as VOB’s, ISO, MKV, and used handbrake. For the VOB’s I used both cloneDVD with anydvd and DVD shrink to see if it was a program thing. In NONE of the formats do I have chapters. In handbrake I did not have subtitles, language or fast forward options. I have been sifting thru other peoples posts, but haven’t found a fix. Any help/ideas appreciated.

I have the WD Hd Tv media player gen 1 and am using the newest firmware update from the site :1.03 something)  As for the language and subtitle options I like the idea of being able to have them so I always include them in a rip.

Not sure if I’m using the handbrake software incorrectly as I’m an old clonedvd/anydvd and shrink vet and only just downloaded them to try to fix this.

You might want to check with the guys in the WD TV Live boards for how to use handbrake effecively.  You can also do a search to see what shows up. 

It depends what you mean by having “none” of the chapters.

On the WDTV devices, the “Prev” and “Next” buttons do _ not _ jump from chapter to chapter.

The only way to select a chapter is to press the “Options” button, and then select the “Chapters” icon, and then select which chapter you’d like to go to.

As for getting the .mkv file “right”, here’s the basic steps…

Add your source file or ripped VIDEO_TS folder:

Select “High Profile” and change output to “MKV File”:

Select the “Audio” tab and then choose the audio tracks you want included in your file.  Set the AC3 tracks as “AC3 Passthru” and set any DTS tracks as “DTS Passthru”:

Select the “Subtitles” tab and “Add” any subtitle tracks you wish to have included (this DVD has no subs):

Select the “Chapters” tab, and make sure “Create chapter markers” is checked.  You can also rename the chapters to something more meaningful, if you like, by just typing over “Chapter xx”:

Pick a suitable location and file name and then click “Start”:

You will have the audio tracks you want, the subtitle tracks you want and all the chapters.

But, as I originally said, “Prev” and “Next” can not be used to navigate the chapters while playing back the file on the WDTV.

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