Changing iTunes media location to WD MyCloud

Since I’ve had my WD Mycloud I changed my iTunes media location from my C drive to “//WDMYCLOUD/Music/Music” and have had no problems. As a result of the failure of my old PC I now have a new Windows 10 PC and in iTunes the media location it is shown as being on my “C” drive. I have tried several times to change this to the setting described above but when, in iTunes I select “Change” for the media location and enter “//WDMYCLOUD/Music/Music” in the pop-up box I get the message that the folder cannot be found. But it must have been there before so I don’t know what’s happening or what to do.
Anyone help please?


Have you done a search of your My Cloud to see where the folder is located? See example image below.

Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

This image shows where my iTunes folder is located in my My Cloud in my SmartWare backup for my desktop computer…