Changing from EX2 to My Cloud

My use for wd storage is simple - photos, videos, and university docs.

Now that my EX2 ultra is no longer supported I’m looking at which device to change to. I assume that I can’t simply buy a new wd NAS case and click my old wd red drive into it?

As such I am looking at buying a new 2tb My Cloud. But not sure how to transfers the data from my old EX2. Is this via a usb cable between the devices? I don’t have a big enough drive on my laptop to transfer the data to (the whole point of having online storage).

The discount offered by wd is unhelpful for my needs so I’m hitting the Amazon sales and switching early.

I did have a look at other options - QNap etc but it gets too confusing.

Any help greatly appreciated.

If you need remote access, do yourself a favor and get a synology. If you don’t need remote access, keep the EX2 - local network access for storage will continue to work just fine.

Oh, and if you really do have an EX2 Ultra, you are just fine, they will not cut off support or remote access to this device - it just needs the firmware updated to OS5.