Change HDD 1 to 2TB

Hi all,

pleas, is possible change HDD my book live 1 TB to new 2 TB (WD20EURS AV-GP) ? Firmware is on chip, no on HDD  my book world…

sorry my englis is bat


If you read my previous response ignore it - thought you were talking about a WD TV Live Hub for some reason… I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, however I suspect that at least some of the information on the drive is stored on the actual HD. I know with the older My Book Worlds you could swap drives in the multi-drive units, but not the single-drive ones. Until someone tries it here, I would have to assume that this would be similar.

I tried it. There are multiple partitions on the drive, including the OS which runs the NAS. The only thing I could think of to get the old software onto the new drive was to copy all the partitions with a block level (sector-by-sector) disk copy of the original drive. I used Easeus Disk Copy. Unfortunately, the drive (the 2.0 TB Green) only shows 1TB (due to partition copied from original). I’m thinking I may need to repartition the “free space” partition to reflect the full size. Unfortunately, Win7 can’t read any of the partitions, I’m thinking if I knew more about linux I could just “extend” the volume. My last resort is to use my SATA enclosure and plug it into my MacBook via USB. Hopefully it’ll be able to read the drive (because of the linux relation of Snow Leopard)

I’ll let you know how it goes.

P.S. I got it yesterday; it is a 1.0TB My Book Live -> trying to put 2.0 TB ( WD Caviar Green 2 TB  drive WD20EARS) in there since I had one lying around

Based on what you’ve written I’m inclined to agree. Mirroring the drive would leave you with a 1TB partition on the 2TB drive, and you can indeed expand this partition. The most intuituve solution is to connect the drive directly to a computer, boot from a “GParted” livecd, and to be honest it’ll be obvious where to go from there.

Interesting that the OS is installed to the hard drive, I thought it existed on 512k flash. That’s bad news for spinning the drive down, but good news for installing more software. My drive is due to arrive tomorrow, so I haven’t had a look at the interals yet.

OSX stands a good chance of being able to read the drive, as it’s likely to be in ext3. Gparted remains my recommendation though.

Switching the internal drive from one drive to another is not recommended.  You will very likely end up with a dead drive.

Do you have a referance for this? The drives are off-the-shelf green models, and it seems very unlikely that the controller would be limited to a particular drive.

Edit: I can confirm that the partition layout is unusual, but not unreadable. Currently backing the drive’s OS to a different hard drive using dd. I’m certain that dd will clone the 1tb drive onto a 2tb one, and then either gparted or parted will stretch the data partition to fill the drive.

I’m fairly sure I could reduce the size of the partition, then clone it onto a smaller drive too. Concerned about power requirements, so would not suggest changing to a drive with a greater thermal envelope than the stock one.