My Book Live Duo replace 2tb with 3tb drives

I changed out 2tb green drives with 2 new 3tb green drives. By putting a 3tb drive in with a 2tb drive and letting the system rebuild, then switching the second 2tb drive with the other 3tb drive, I got the my book live duo up and running… but it only shows 2tb or 4tb, not 3tb or 6tb.

How do I get it to see the full 3 or 6tb

Thanks sdez_

AFAIK, that’s not possible.  The partition size is built into the firmware, it’s not meant to be self-upgraded.

A post from WD Staff WDTony  long ago said it was possible as long as it was a larger WD green drive… Can I load software to it as if it was a bricked drive?

Right, but he didn’t say all the capacity of the larger drives would be available.   He was talking about replacement.

 Can I load software to it as if it was a bricked drive?

I don’t know if that’s possible or not – never seen it done.

I do know that, a while back, there appeared to be a batch of drives shipped that were 6TB internally but were actually CONFIGURED out of the factory for 4TB.   Even doing a factory restore would not enable the additional capacity.

The only fix I remember seeing was WD replacing the entire unit.

So do you think if I did what it show on this page

It could be done?

By reloading like it is a 6tb model.

Yes, unfortunately the link for zip 2 seems corrupt though. It only downloads about 50% and keeps erroring out on me. I would start by downloading zip 2 and if it errors out half way through for you then that isn’t going to work.
You could see if someone here can dump sda1-3 and the mbr on both drives and upload them for you. Then you could just follow the script on that guide which should work from most any linux system or live boot cd. The problem there though is that you would also inherit their settings, passwords, shares, etc. Best if someone with a clean DUO could do this.

I found this page…

Have not tried it yet.  Shows how to just change the sda4 size using

**resize2fs -p /dev/sda4**

It will take some doing on my part as I am not “all that” with unix.

I will figure it out.   if anyone wants to show me the way I would gladly take the help.

oh yeah   I am using Mac OS X