Change from My book live to My cloud home

I have a my book live several years old, the black model 2TB.
But it nothing but trouble now. A lot of the drive in inaccessible and I keep having to restart it, at this moment is not recognise do the network, the leds at the back show its all connected, the front led is mostly off with an occasional yellow blink.

I am looking to change it to the new white coloured My Cloud Home.

I use it mainly to store & serve media to my Panasonic TV, (DLNA Smart TV) which I think it uses the included twonky media server. I upload from my PC to the MBL and then view on the tv.

WIll the new My Cloud do everything that I want, and everything that the old my book live did ie play my stuff on the Panasonic tv?


Based on the current usage of the My Book Live, I would recommend the My Cloud EX2 Ultra instead of the My Cloud Home. My Cloud has pretty much the same features of the My Book Live including Public / Private Shares and Twonky DLNA Media Server enabled by default

Theres a ton of issues with the myCloud product line right now mostly having to do with security flaws that WD refuses to fix in a timely manner. I’d look into them before you consider buying a WD NAS. Since you’re in the market I’d recommendation getting a Synology. They’re miles ahead of anything that WD has to offer.