Wd my cloud home slow er then my book live


I used to run a my book live to stream my media with plex. Everythinf worked like a charm and there was no buffering, even a 4k file would start like right away.

Soon i had no room left on the 2tb hard drive, so i upgraded to the my cloud home 8tb. But when i stream my media with this device, it takes a long time to load and it cant handle 4k without buffering. What am i doing wrong?

My Book Live and My Cloud Home are completely different product lines.
My Book Live is a real NAS and My Cloud Home is no where close to a NAS at all. It’s more
of a photo / video viewing type of product. I would return the My Cloud Home and pick up a My Cloud EX2 Ultra or PR2100 with the faster intel chip and more memory.