Caviar Green not recognized when put into a different PC

I purchased a 1 TB hard drive a year ago (approximately). I installed on my PC that was running Windows XP at the time, and ran the WD Align software. I later upgraded to Windows 7, and I never had any problems with my 1 TB drive.

Today that PC started giving me trouble so I bought a new one and took the 1 TB drive and added it to my new PC, as I did with my old PC when I first bought the 1 TB drive. The drive does not appear as a hard disk in the Windows Explorer windows, but when I ran the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic software it tells me that it is OK.

Should I install this hard drive in any specific way so that it is recognized by my new PC as a functioning second hard drive? (the hard drive that runs Windows is a 500 GB Seagate one that came with the new PC) It is almost full of data and I don’t want to loseit!

Any tips will be greatly appreciated!

Is your drive been seen by the computer BIOS?

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it is being seen by the computer BIOs and under Disk Management it shows, not as a hard drive, with no no drive “identity” (like C: or D:) is assigned to it. It says that it is a “dynamic drive” and among the options I get is to “turn it into a basic drive” but it says I will lose all the data in it.

I put it back in the PC where it was originally and I could read it and retrieve information form it. Is there any way I can just make Windows 7 in my new computer recognize it withouth having to format it?

You could put it in a USB enclosure and use it to back up your data that way. You can also look at your Computer Management/Drive Management tool and see if it appears. If it does, you can manually assign it a drive number.