1.5 GB Caviar Green doesn't display in my computer

My drive is detected by the BIOS and by  XP’s device manager.  When I try to see the drive in “My Computer”, it isn’t there.  I have 4 other SATA drives that are working fine, I need more storage space in the near future.  Has anyone seen this problem before and solved it?  Please advise.

Ok, do you see the drive on Disk Management? 

Thank you for your reply.  I found the problem a very short time ago while checking to see if the drive showed up in the disk management console.  It did and the console happily reported that the occasionally forgetful one here had forgotten to format the dang fool drive!  I did the format and the drive is merrily receiving data now.   I appologize for forgetting one of the basics.  Again, thanks a bunch.

isn’t it nice when they’re all that easy? :smiley: