WD Caviar Green 2.0TB cannot detect after setting as Dynamic

Hi All,

I’m new in this forum & I really need help from u guys… hope u can help :smiley:

I just bought new WD Caviar Green 2.0TB SATA 64MB cache 2 weeks ago. For the 1st use, I set it as Dynamic. After format it & transfer lots of information inside, for several days it runs smoothly without any errors. Yesterday, I unplugged it (bcoz I need to use SATA cable for DVDRW) and when I plugged it again today (to HDD), the error has occured… it shows that my new HDD is NEW & need to format. I’m really depressed coz I got so many INFO inside it.

FYI, I’m using Win XP Pro 32bit. When I recheck again at BIOS, it can detect as normal but cannot detect in Windows.

For those who can help me settle my problem, i really appreciate it… :smiley:




As per your description seems to me you got a corrupt file and the only way to make the unit operational again is formatting the drive. 

However you can try searching online for a data recovery software, sometimes they can find the info and you can retrieved before formatting the drive.

Hi Nesvic,

FYI, i’m using the drive as usual for several days without any problems. just after i re-plugged in SATA cable then the system (WinXP) didn’t recognise my new HDD anymore, it detect as “NEW” & asking me to format the drive. i dont want to format it coz i got lots of information inside (more than 1TB). :smiley:

what should i do? any idea?

mayby try some kind of Partition Recovery?! It looks like the Partition Table got corrupted…

HirenBoot CD got few of those application but you need to becareful because you can make more damage to your data.

I would sugest make a copy 1:1 of your driver to another one and then make something on it - but probably you dont have extra hdd.

Thanks for your suggestion, finally i can recover ALL the data without losing even 1 file after i’m using R-Studio software.

Anyway, thanks to all members here for your attention & support… :smiley: