Can't Write to My Book Live - Access Denied, Windows 11

All of a sudden I can’t write to folder stored on My Book Live. It may be since I"ve upgraded from Windows 11. I’ve tried updating permissions and taking ownership of the drive, but all of those changes are also Access Denied. I can see everything and copy from it, but can’t write.

Pulling my hair to figure out how to make folders on this writable so any help is appreciated. I can still map to the drive and can access the web admin/interface for it if that helps.

Confirmed this is not just windows 11… tried a computer with win 10 and windows 7. These used to work fine.

I seemed to have resolved this. I did change one setting in admin UI (through the web) which I will change back to test, but I think it was simply rebooting the drive that seemed to get things right.

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