Can't upload large files

I just purchased a 2tb MyCloud this past weekend.

I got the MyCloud set up this weekend and started syncing my PC. It’s been running for a few days now and I am down to only 2304 files left. However, it keeps getting caught up on video files I have. I do some video editing and have a lot of video source files that are in the 2 to 3 gig size range.

When my PC goes to sync it gets to a certain percentage on these large files and then the file counter just fly’s to the end of the count (right now that is 2304). And it lists that file as not being able to be copied. I can pause and restart the sync and it will try that file again and do the same thing, over and over. (I have even quit the program and restarted and even rebooted the PC). I need to physically either copy that file through file explorer or flag it to ignore it by adding ~ before it. Both of these are undesirable as I want to be able to just run the sync software in the background on my computer and forget about it knowing that anything I create is going to be synced. It looks like anything over 1gb is giving me trouble.

I am running a Windows 10 machine which is connected wireless to my network The MyCloud is connected to my router by an ethernet cable. I am also running WD Sync version 1.3.5949.

Anyone run into this issue before and have a solution? I read somewhere on the web that there were problems with large files but no one posted any solutions on the sites I saw the posts on.

There are a variety of issues with WD Sync including issues with file size and files in use. Some have dumped WD Sync and are using third party sync programs like the Free File Sync ( program.


If I sync to myCloud drive with a third party software, will those files still be available through the web portal at

Yes. Anything you put into a Share on the My Cloud, and which the User has permission to access if it is a Private Share, will be accessible to that user on the web portal or through the My Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android.