WD My Cloud 4TB

Hi guys

I have stumbled upon this forum due to my new christmas present :slight_smile: - 4TB My Cloud. However, everything is setup etc but I am having difficulty backing up large files. It either crashes when saying ‘preparing’ or I get Windows (7) saying its not responding.

a few 100mb seems to be fine, but I have a 1.26gb file drag and drop and nothing happens. I understand the gigabit switch etc in which I have got also but it seems to not even acknowledge the uploading from my pc to the drive without crashing explorer.

Am I doing something wrong?

Happy holidays btw! :slight_smile:


This could be caused by several things:

  1. In the My Cloud dashboard is the “Content Scan” Idle. If not, it is probably scanning the files that are being uploaded and this eats up most, if not all, the CPU and Ram on the unit. Sometimes it is better to upload smaller chunks at a time.

  2. Is the “Media Serving” turned off on the shares that you are uploading to. This will help the scanning process tremendously. You can always turn the “Media Serving” back on after uploading and let the My Cloud do it’s thing.

  3. I have experienced the same thing using windows explorer. I installed “Tera Copy Pro”, which lets me know what files are copied or moved, to handle the transfers. https://codesector.com/teracopy This has solved my issues.

All the Best and Happy Holidays to you and yours :wink:

how are you doing the copy?

Is this on the local LAN or remote?

what Firmware version is the mycloud on?

What does local LAN mean? I opened the my cloud software created some folders then drag and dropped into the cloud destination. The firmware is the latest update but I’m not at home right now to indicate which version. However I think it’s crashed again as using my app via smartphone I can see files uploaded but suddenly it’s stopped so I checked in via team viewer to see what the laptop is doing. What I saw was the uploading screen looks like it’s frozen and doing nothing. I have no idea where I’m going wrong I just need a reliable nas drive to back up my pcs at home!