Can't reset password for pc, inside WD TV Live screen on tv

Hi, just got the WD TV Live player and when I try to access , my PC from the media player, it asks for my pc’s user name and password. For some reason it will not allow me to alter my password there. It looks like several attemps madeit into the password proprty field, but I can’t seem to be able to erase my previous attemps? Also, is the user name and password the ones we originally give our pc’s when we load Windows, or is the media plaer looking for something else? I’d like to be able to acccess my pc, but just can’t get past this issue.  Love the Player though. The ability to be able to connect and play movies and such with my external HDD via the USB port, is sweet!

Hi srl50,  welcome to the forum!

The username / password are, as you say, the ones you originally set on your PC when you loaded Windows.

The Password field is a bit odd in that the number of stars does not reflect the number of actual letters in your password, which can be confusing!

What version of Windows are you using and how are you currently trying to share files?  :)  

Hi Grant,

I’m running Windows 7.  Currently I am using my portable 500mg back-up drive to physically connect to the WD TV Live. It finds it quickly and I can navigate to it with ease. But when I go to Shared Media and then to my PC, thats where I run into a wall with the password thing. So, if I understand it correctly, the ‘stars’ in the password field don’t accurately reflect what is in the field? I guess I should just keep trying without worrying about the amount of stars in the password field then? How id WD telephone support? They haave a 800 nymber. I might give that a try? Any thoughts about how to get into my PC with the WD TV Live interface? Also, once I can do that, can you stream feed WD TV Live, movies/TV shows, etc. from your PC?

Hey Grant,

Yep, you were right. I just ignored the ‘stars’ in password setup and just typed in my password, and iy took it. Now I can access my pc easily. Still have to get used to the WD interface, but that’s the fun part! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great news, glad you got it up and running.  ;)

Thank you for your help!   :-)

I am having the same problem.  I have just purchased my WD TV Live HD Media Player and I am running Windows 7.

The system is asking for my username and password.  I have entered it numerous times but it is till not accepting it.  Is there something that I am missing?

Check to see if any of your user accounts have the “Windows Live Sign-in Assistant” installed by using the Add/Remove programs list.  There’s a known conflict between this software and the WDTV that will prevent logins, REGARDLESS of whether you’re using anonymous logins or specific user logins.

Try using a simple User ID and password.  Some characters that are legal in Windows are not legal with the WDTV and cause issues.  

Try turning OFF Password protected sharing, and that you are sharing your files with “EVERYONE.”  The default user id “Anonymous” with no password should function.