WD TV Live Password & Username Issues! HELP!

Gday Everyone!

Hopefully someone can help me.

For the past 9 years i’ve been running my WD TV Live box with Windows 7 and then Windows 10 with no issues, sharing my media hard drives in my PC with no problems at all…until yesterday.

My PC got had an issue with BootManager, so I had to do a fresh install of Windows 10. Once completed I started re-installingeveyrthing on the computer and when finished, I booted up the WD TV Live box to configure it so that I can continue watching movies and TV shows etc.

My wife got Netflix working on the WD TV Live box without any problem, but for the life of me, I cannot get past the password and username section to get access to my computers drives!

My old username was the “name” of my computer and the password was the password to login into Wondows 10 each morning when I turned it on. When I went to put the same details in to the WD TV Live box after I had done a Windows 10 reinstall, the password and username dont work!

All I want to know, is what password and what username do I put into the Network share password/username box so that I can accesss my shared folders?!?!?!?! Is it my Windows password and the name of my computer like before I did a re-install?? Or is it something else?!?!

Please help,l Im at my wits end here!

Regards, nos4ag! :slight_smile:

First thing i would check is latest Windows 10 disabled SMB1 (for security reasons) … old WDTV’s use SMB1 … so, Network Shares won’t work.

You can re-enable SMB1 on Windows 10 if you choose to do so, and at your own risk.

Gday Joey Smith!

The thing is, is I had the WD TV working Windows 10 before I did a full re0install (as per above). I have gaiend access to my system again through using the password and username as Admin and admin…but I cant see any of my hard drives when I get in there.

I just checked @JoeySmyth and SMB1 was activated and has been turned on ever since I did a full Windows 10 Re-Install

Gday All!

I have managed to get past the username and password section, but now the WD TV Live wont read my 7 hard drives that are in my computer. Any ideas?