Can't reformat my book essential from fat32 to ntfs


I have an old My Book Essential which has only 150 GB, which is a perfect size for just photo backup.  The problem is that I’m trying to reformat it from FAT32 to NTFS to work with my Win8 OS with no luck.  

I used Win8 Disk Management which shows the drive and lists it as a “Healthy RAW Primary Partition” but when I click on ‘Delete Volume’ I get the error message: “The System Cannot Find The File Specified.”  I’ve even tried just clicking on “Format” but then I get an error message that says: “The Format Did Not Complete Successfully.”

Any ideas?  Thanks…


Try writing zeros using WD DLG


Thanks for your response.  

I installed the program and ran it.  I’m attaching a screen cap of the result.  The drive I want to reformat as NTFS is Drive F which you can see is FAT32.  It shows up in the lower screen as a logical drive but not in the upper screen as a physical drive.  So I can’t run any of the diagnostics on it.