New Windows Formatted My Book 4 TB - Can't reformat using OSX


I just purchased a new 4 TB My Book that was pre-formatted for Windows (NTFS). I was under the impression I could just reformat the drive to use with Mac (want to use exFAT), but when I tried to reformat the drive using disk utility, the process fails saying it “could not write to the last block.” The same thing happens when I try and use WD Software.

I enabled my macbook air to read NTFS using Paragon software, then Tux(something), and the advise in this article … all to no avail.

Please help. I hope I haven’t damaged the drive with multiple formatting attempts that were doomed to fail.

Thanks in advance,

  • NIttering


I recommend you to connect the drive to a different USB port, then take a look at the link below to reformat the drive on exFat and select GPT(GUID Partition Table) through the formatting process:

Thanks for your response. I opted to just exchange the drive for one not
formatted ntfs.