Can't Read Sandisk USB Stick

I just bought a new usb ,memory stick and my WD Live Box won’t read it. Reads my 1 and 2 tb drives fine. Anyone have any suggestions ?

How is the stick formatted? NTFS? exFAT?

It’s formatted exFAT

exFAT didn’t exist (or at least wasn’t popularized) ((The patent for it was filed in 2013 per wikipedia)) when the WD TV was a current product so I’m not sure if it will recognize the format. Try reformatting the stick to NTFS and see if it can see it. (Make sure to back up any data on the stick first as reformatting will wipe out any data)

Sounds good I’ll give that a try. I have a newer live box as well and just bought a new 4tb book. It won’t read the new drive. Can you help me out with this ?

It could be a similar thing. 4 TB might be more than the device can read… I think the largest drive I’ve ever connected to one was a 2 TB (which was our biggest drive at the time).

Is the 4TB formatted NTFS?

When I’m home again I’ll check and see. Is there new firmware out that will allow the live box read larger drives ?

There hasn’t been a new firmware version in quite a number of years.

Looking at other posts on the community, it looks like people have been using 4 TB’s with at least some versions of the wd tv… what is the model number of the wd tv you are using?

The Model number is WDBABX0000NBK. Firmware Version. 106.42_B

Ok that is a WD TV Live Plus - an older model than the one mentioned in the post I quoted above. The live plus came out all the way back in 2010. The latest firmware available for download is Firmware Ver. 1.06.16_B - I’m guessing .42 might have been a factory only release.

I did some research on that model and it looks like people were successfully using it with 3 and 4 TB drives (usually RAID arrays of 1 TB drives) so it should at least in theory work.

Sounds good I’ll give it a try when I’m back home. I really appreciate all of your help. The WDTVLIVE box’s work Awesome keep up the Good Work. …Thanks

Hi Scott reformatting the USB drive worked Thanks. Are there any plans in the works for a New Media Player ?

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I don’t know anything about upcoming products.