WD TV Live Plus

I have a WD TV Live Plus. I am having real problems using a flash drive on it. I have a couple of 128 gig drives but they are USB 3.0. OK, I get it. USB 3.0 is not supported. I have a USB 2.0 16 gig flash drive, formatted Mac OS (Extended, Journaled), that works fine in it. So I bought a couple of 128G USB 2.0 sticks but the WD doesn’t recognize them as even existing. Is there a size restriction on USB sticks that is preventing the WD from reading this larger usb stick? I also have a 126G external HD formatted for Mac. When I plug it in, the WD recognizes that a USB drive is in place, but when I open it it fails to detect any files. In all cases I am trying to access video file. They are all formatted as MKV Movie files. The one flash drive that is currently Help!

Try formatting the sticks FAT32 (which is Mac/PC compatible) … sure, there is a 4GB max file size on fat32 … but, worth testing.

Also, check the sticks are not GPT partitioned are using MBR partitions… sounds silly, but you never know :thinking: