Can't read from the source file or disk

Faced a problem when transferring my files from PC to my newly purchase 2TB portable Hardisk. The error “Can’t read from the source file or disk” is prompt out when half way transferring the file. What’s the problem and how to resolve it? It is the Portable Hardisk is rejected? I had trying to transfer the same file to other portable hardisk, but didn’t face any issue.

Hello, welcome to the community.

Do you have a Windows computer or a Mac? If you have Windows, what version of Windows? If you have Mac, What version of the Mac OS? Have you tried transferring other files? Is it only one file or more than one?

i’m using Window 7 Professional. Yes, i had try with different file like notepad and Excel, and the outcome is same.
Meanwhile, i do performing few times quick format and it able transfer file into at the starting and after that same issue is triggering again (after ~100G data transfer into the hardisk).:disappointed:
Should I return as RMA?