WD Passport not copying files from Hard disk to computer


I have WD Passport Essential 3.0 . Few days back it’s memory partition got unallocated… I have no idea how it happened. hen after reading many forums I reformatted it with the help of WD formatter. Afte the format I am able to copy files from desktop to the external drive but can’t do the opposite (copy from hard disk to desktop) it is showing error #1 Can’t read from source file or disk and also the windows explorer is also restarting when i give the paste instruction on desktop. Also the copy from desktop to hard disk have also reduced significantly. I have checked it on other devices, it have same problems. The file system is NTFS. Please help!!!

-Thanks in advance

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This is not normal and I suspect a hardware fault. Running a test with WD Drive Utilities (After replacing the USB cable) is the first step, and if it fails, then the hard drive should be replaced under warranty.