Help: Getting Error "Can't read from the source file or disc" when copying

I have the My Passport 071A 700GB EHD.  Have been using it for a couple years.  Hadn’t used it in several months until today.  Tried to transfer files (per the norm) and am getting error “Can’t read from the source file or disc” (see image).  This has never happened to before.


  1. I use the EHD just as a file backup, dragging and dropping files

  2. I have almost 600GB room remaning

  3. I am able to move these files to other storage devices (USB stick, SD, etc)

  4. I can see/access all the other files on the EHD, I just can’t seem to add any more

Can anyone help?



I recommend you run a diagnostic on your drive using WD DLG to determine the drive health.

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Ok.  Ran the diagnostics.

Test Result: FAIL

Test Error Code: 08-Too many bad sectors detected

What does this mean??  Can the drive be fixed or is it toast?