'Can't play files, please see owner's manual'

I travel quite a bit and carry my WD Live with me, movies loaded on an USB stick. Some of the places I travel to have really slow internet hookups so I don’t even bother to connect to wifi. Since the movies I want to see are on the USB drive, i shouldn’t need wifi, correct?

This past weekend, I went to a small hotel and plugged in the WD player, changed the input, everything was fine. The machine booted up - and then none of the files would play. Two were .mp4, 2 were .avi, the rest were .mkv. NONE of them would play. I tried finding them under videos and also under files but no dice. The error message said something like, ‘can’t play file, please see owner’s manual for supported formats.’

I brought the machine home, hooked it up to my home TV with the same USB stick and everything plays just fine.

The wifi auto connected so that’s the only difference, I think. The firmware has not been updated and is version 2.01.86. Part number of unit is WDBHG70000NBK.

Any ideas?


You don’t need Internet in order to play files from a USB stick. If this happens again i recommend you reset your media player and then try again.

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Thanks for this. I should have tried the reset but I got frustrated and gave up. Files wouldn’t play as files, wouldn’t play as videos, I just watched cable.

I’ve used it before, just caught me completely off guard. Nothing had changed except I didn’t hook up to wifi and couldn’t see how that would affect things.