WD TV Media Player - files on HDD won't play unless i'm connected to internet


I have a new player, but unlike my older model, it will not play video files from attached HDD unless i’m connected to internet. I get an error saying file type not supported.

If I connect to the internet (have set up via LAN cable) all is okay.

That’s fine at home but not convenient if travelling.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

I’m running Firmware 1.02.17 and can play USB Media fine … with or without an Ethernet cable attached.

What Firmware are you running ?

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Sounds like bug #5, no solution yet.

Thanks for the respose; also running 1.02.17.

You did prompt me to unplug the Ethernet cable though. Now plays any file without connection to internet.


Thanks, I disconnected the Ethernet cable; that has resolved the issue :smiley:

It’s only a workaroung but at least you can watch files now.