Can't open MyBook Live Duo

Hi all
I run Windows 10, and the MyBookLiveDuo is connected to the internet box with an ethernet cable.
When logging on my pc, the MyBookLiveDuo is seen on the network, but the only thing I can do is opening the “admin” page on my browser when I click on it. I have reset the MyBookLiveDuo, but still no change.
The right click propose me : Open (which open management page) Mount the public share (which does nothing). What could I do to see the content of my MyBookLiveDuo and manage it as I used before ?? All suggestions welcome. thanks all.


You could refer to the following link:

thank you Jonty.
I’ll check your link, ((though the Mybooklive was “see” since I could click on it…but it only opens the “admin” page))

Are you logging in with a pin and your Microsoft account login or the local computer account? Try logging in with your local windows account. I’m having the same problem. Seems If I use my local machine login account I can still use old mapped drive (still can’t make new ones, same problem as you) I think this is a login credentials issue. Looking for feedback from others with the same problem.

Also is the network icon for the drive look like the MYBOOKDUO (shinny grey box, like the actual device) or is it a generic network device icon( light grey box with a green light)

When mine looked like the MyBookDuo I had no issues. The wrong icon makes me think it might be a driver problem as well.