Can't login or access data after recent Firmware update ShareSpace HELP!

Problems after a succesful FW upgrade,

When connecting to the device from Windows, my username and password is requested - and it is accepted.

Then I can see my shares on the device via SMB, but I cannot access the data.

Clicking on a share folder gives me an error:
\ShareSpace is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource.

The network path was not found.

Additionally, I cannot login to the GUI. (with IE or FireFox)

Attempts to do so give me an error message:

Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /proto/SxM_webui/index.php on line 40

and  the login is rejected with:

“User name and password do not match when you login ‘Network Storage Manager’!”

My browser autofills my user/pass when logging into my ShareSpace. It’s also written down.

I have seen some other posts that have this issue, is there a WD staff user that can give any assistance?

I have just noticed that I can access the Twonky Media Server.

I am able to peruse the Twonky pages served by the ShareSpace, I can also upload and then play back from Twonky.

I am still unable to reach my data files in the Shares.


If i put in the incorrect password - i just get the incorrect password message, and do not get the

Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /proto/SxM_webui/index.php on line 40


Indicates that login is OK, but there’s a problem in /proto/SxM_webui/index.php ?

If you had your drive in RAID-1 mode (mirror) can you access the data with just one drive installed?  One of the two drives may be corrupt.  Also, how many files did you store in the drive’s media folders?


Yes, RAID-1 was used, I’d have zero expectation of recovery otherwise!

To anser your question:

By Media Folders, you mean Twonky ? - I didn’t use it all, I did try it after the malf, and I can access those folders no problem, as I mentioned above.

As for the entire disk…

I’m going to say it the quantity of files was probably smaller than one would expect, as most of the data were large files, each being 20 to 40 gig’s -I stored images of entire PC’s that would allow me to recover a users machine rapidly, rather than thousands of music files or docs.

As for quantity of data, I know I had at least 60 gigs free, guaranteed.

The way I see it is that the Linux software that the ShareSpace is running off of is munged, not a true corruption of the disc.  Only that I can’t get into the GUI.

The thing that tips me off is the way the password is accepted / rejected, and that I can see the top level shares.

The rather convoluted post here gives me hope, even though it is a different product, WD uses the same OS :

where user Raven-AU describes

“” I had the same problems and more.

 In this case it seems the second argument is an array that is empty.

In comparing my My BookWorld II I found two problems:

  1. the file /proto/SxM_webui/share/config/.htusers.php was missing.

  2. the file /proto/SxM_webui/admin/.htadmin.php was empty (or also missing, I can’t remember exactly).

The web login started working again after fixing these files.

You can find the factory default versions of the files in the directory /etc/.factoryDefault.""

So - what is a good Linux distro to use to mount and read a Mirrored Sharespace drive?

What other tools would I need?

I have exacly the same problem with 8 TB ShareSpace.

After successful update to firmware version 2.2.9 I rebooted my ShareSpace 8TB and now I cannot access to the ShareSpace either by Web (Network Storage Manager), SSH, FTP or SMB. However I can ping it as well as I can see it in the list of available network resources. Also I still can access the Twonky media server on port 9000. From Twonky Web configuration manager I see that the data on ShareSpace (at least folder structure) are seem to be OK.
iTtunes server (mt-daapd) is down.

Reset with the button on the back panel doesn’t help.

Recently I connected all four 2 TB disks to Linux box based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS + mdadm +lvm2 + mc + latest system updates. In this case RAID 5 partition (titled NASRAID) with the data from shares is detected and mounted automatically during the system boot process and you can simply copy data to a backup driver. I’ve already backed up my data.

Also you will full access to internal RAID 1 partition with internal Linux filesystem. Now I’m figuring out the way on fixing internal Linux boot scripts in order to boot NAS normally and make “Restore to Factory Defaults” procedure.

Any help / advice would be very much appreciated.


Thanks for taking the time to post here,

I hope to follow in your footsteps with my 2 x 1TB, RAID 1 mirror.

This is most helpfull information, that a user would have to connect all drives to the Linux machine and use the setup you defined.

**Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

  • mdadm
  • mc
  • latest system updates**

I’m going to pull toss a spare drive into a Dell Vostro 220 and get Linux installed asap!

I look forward to more info from you regarding getting the SP box working as a NAS instead of a brick.

PS - check out RavenAU’s posts way down the page at

I upgraded to 2.2.9 and it failed like a lot of others. Once completed, I could not log in to the webui - had the same message as many others:

Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /proto/SxM_webui/index.php on line 40

On inspection, my system had a valid .htusers.php file in /proto/SxM_webui/share/config/ but my .htadmin.php in /proto/SxM_webui/admin/ was bad - zero bytes. I copied the default one from /etc/.factoryDefaults and “bob’s your uncle” - was immediately able to login using normal user and password to the web UI.

konanick, do your drives pass an Extended Test using either our Windows or DOS-based diagnostics?  The drives have the EXT3 file system on them but we have no preferred method of recovering data.  If your drives pass then you can try using a data recovery program that can read the EXT3 file system.