Latest firmware upgrade issue

Hi fellow Share Space users,

I foolishly and regrettably did an update on my 4T Share Space more than a week ago and now, i am lockout from my data. The entire update process went smoothly but when the device rebooted, I couldn’t login to the web page with error  and warning messages:-

“User name and password do not match when you login”, there is also a warning “in_array():Wrong datatype for second argument in /proto/SxM_webui/index.php on line 41” on the top left corner of the browser. 

From this forum, i realize that there are a few other users having exactly the same problem after the upgrade and WD Support is not able to provide any form of resolution. I have been in contact with WD APAC support and i was surprised to be told that my issue is an isolated one, there is no problem reported elsewhere with their latest firmware. I was told to send back the disks if they are under warranty or send my device to our nearest partners for data recovery at my costs. 

This makes me from being frustrated to angry, really pissed. What kind of company is this? WD doesnt take responsibility on their latest firmware that caused the loss of data. Their motto “Put your life on it” , yeah right!!!..They could be a pioneer in storage industry but if they don’t drastically improve on their engineering/technical support capabilities, i dont see how they can last another 40 years!!. 

I would like to request this Share Space community who is as unfortunate as me to unite and demand resolution from WD Support respectively from our contacts with them. I have tried endlessly the limited options recommended by WD support to regain access to my data without success including via system reset, via Mionet  and use different browser etc. But i believe the best way to resolve this is to fix the firmware. 

a) Revert back to previous version. I know currently the only way to update firmware is via the web browser.  but i believe there must be other ways of which they are not telling us. Their engineering team must have some ‘back-door’ way, i cant imagine  WD engineering developing this product without such capability. 

b) Update/downgrade firmware. WD support to provide the firmware and steps to perform this task without using the web browser. 

If WD is not willing to release steps for the above, WD should bear all costs of recovery of our data. WD should be responsible for this mess they created. We all should demand this, Lets not give up and give in. It is our data. 

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I have escalated your post to our Support people.


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