Can't Install WD Discovery on windows 10

Hello all,
I purchase WD my cloud home and I have tried several time to install WD Discovery on my laptop surface Pro 7 operate with windows 10 64 bit without success, but when I install it on other device operating with windows 7 it is working fine. Also, It working fine with Mac.

Can anyone help please.

thank you,

A lack of specific errors and description will not allow too many replies. Generally, you could try to look into this:


  • WD Discovery will not install on a 32-bit system. Please ensure to install on a 64-bit system.
  • Windows 10 S mode edition is installed on the computer.
  • The computer is using an ARM based CPU.
  • WD Discovery installation has become corrupted or a previous uninstall did not fully complete.
  • Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Malware and End Point Protection software may block the download and successful installation of WD Discovery.
  • Windows file system permissions may be currupted, or some other type of operating system issue outside of WD Discovery software.
  • Windows .NET corruption, .NET Framework is a programing language created by Microsoft to run applications on a Windows Operating System.

Hello Tekram,
The issue that i am facing when trying to install WD discovery on my laptop operated with windows 10 64 bit it reach to 63% then an error message that is it fail to complete
Image-0002 .

I have tried the solution you have provided but that didn’t solve the issue.

Thank you

Unfortunately WD considers some of these errors OS system related and will not generally support how to fix user’s OS or internet connection, but they do suggest the following as well as doing a system file check.

3rd Party Security Software

Check your local computer’s Anti Virus, Internet Security, Malware and or End Point Protection software to ensure WD Discovery and WD Software is allowed and not blocked. For assistance, pleased contact the software vendor or refer to their technical user manual or disable the software to allow the installation to complete.
Western Digital does not provide configuration or technical support for 3rd party software.

AVG Anti-Virus

AVG Anti-Virus can be put into “passive mode” to allow the installation of WD Discovery.
For assistance, please refer to AVG Support Article: How to use Passive Mode

Comptuer and Router Firewalls

Temporarily disable or lower the settings on Comptuer and Internet Router firewalls for testing purposes.

One more thing… If you have not tried this, try to install from the full installation program, instead of the small 1 MB installation stub file.

Thank you Tekram for your assistant and support. I will try with the solutions you have share, hopfully it works.


The WD discovery been successfully installed by administrator user and it work fine under that user.
However, due the limited option under my user name, I am not able to log in to the WD home cloud by using the WD discovery while I am able to connect by using the web application.