Can't get past yellow light - MyBook Live 3TB


I did buy My book live 3 TB.

I did transfer everything from my PC to there. Movies. Photo. Music. Everything!

It works FINE. Few weeks.  BUT now. I can’t past the yellow lights. 

Befor that what happened.  It says there Is new firmware to update! Well I click " Yes " and then I got Nothing after…

Waiting for update start. Nothing happened.

One day later.  Now I see My book live. Is yellow light. What ever I do it Is yellow.  I have try " reset " button many time.

I have plug out power 2 days. Nothing work.

even software like. WD Link and Immobility can’t find it.  Nothing work RELY!

 I have A LOT of info there and I don’t know what to do.

please help me!

Read the manual, so you will know the status of the LED and its different colors. If you cannot find any solutions, you might need to get a replacement if still under warranty.

Also, this is a great BACKUP device. Backup means, you always have 2 or more copies of the same files in more than one device.

Yellow light means there is no network connection. You might want to try a diff ethernet cable. Also make sure that  the drive power adapter is directly connected to a wall outlet. If still no result, your drive may have failed.

Check the lick for data recovery.

I have try that all…

SO what can i do so it works?

It’s my opinion that the update bricked your drive. You have 3 options…

A) Return to retailer for replacement
B) Call WD support and setup an RMA for a replacement drive
C) Try debricking it youself which would void your 3 year warranty

It never got update!  that the problem…

I never update it…

I have the same thing happening to my MyBookLive 2TB drive and started to go through the de-bricking instructions provided by nfodiz but the first two links for data recovery, diskinternals and linux recovery aren’t seeing my hd with it connected to one of my PC’s SATA ports (my DVD drive’s).  Where do I go from here?  With the MyBookLive connected to the SATA port it is seen in the BIOS (WD-EARS #) but then the above mentioned things happen.  Some more background:  my drive stopped working after I accidentally switched my power strip off–after that the unit wouldn’t power on, LED would go from blue to yellow and back…I ended up getting another PCB on E-Bay, connected it to the unit, and then got the LED to go blue then yellow and it stopped at yellow…so, along with what I first mentioned above, is where I’m at.  Any help/advice greatly appreciated!



See if the system rescue cd in my debrick guide will see the hard drive in gparted. If it will, just run the first part of the guide as your data partition will not be touched.

Remember to boot up the computer with the hard drive and thumb drive already hooked up to the computer.

Did they change the ‘bricked’ LED indicator from blue/yellow-alternate to just yellow solid?

Last weekend I received a new replacement for my MyBookLive 2TB (the constant green front LED problem). Then, I updated via ssh: apt-get update and after that installed gcc 4.4. After compiled “cryptoloop, dm-crypt and dm-mod” module using the gpl source code from WD website I was not successful to “modprobe” the modules. Thus, I gave-up and then just rebooted the device (it was working perfectly fine till now). After that I get the blue color and then remain at yellow (which is “Loading OS” according to WD). I spent several hours but not a clue in the web. Tomorrow will return the device again (hopefully will be repaired…). 


Any help what to do?

You expect wd to repair it after you trash the OS?

For me, goes to blue and yellow