Can't format passport after using wd erase

After upgrading smartware, I then needed to reconfigure my backups, but before doing so I decided to first use wd erasedrive to clean out all the old stuff. Unfortuantely that has turned my passport into an expensive paperweight. I have now spent way too much time trying to reformat the drive using various wd tools as well as windows and acronis. each time the format fails. is there any way to reformat the drive? why does wd erasedrive render the drive useless?

Try using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to test and erase the unit.

After that you can initialize and format the drive.

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this solution doesn’t work. eveything is fine until the last step format does not complete successfuly.

In this case the unit appears to have failed.

Maybe you should contact support to see what other options are available.