Help me about my passport wd

western digital my passport wdbacy5000abk-00

P/N wdbacy5000abk 00

S/N [Deleted]

47118                R/N C4B           BAAFAA              product of malaysia

can’t Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows or format my wd my passort

before format last time is no problem.
last time i want to format my passport is fail for unknown reason.
and I search google for my solution error
I find this web:
I try to use Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows for fix my passport but fail.
I try to use External USB/FireWire Fat32 Formatting Utility but fail.
I put screen shoot in
please help me to fix my passport.
any driver any thing can be do I will try one by one.
please reply to me thank you for read my mail

Note I new here so when I want to search I still confuse how to search because I don’t understand what is keyword to search my trouble.(and I is a Noob about USB)

Hello and welcome to the WD Community. Be sure to use the USB cable that came bundled with the Passport and connect it directly to the PC USB port, avoid using extension USB cables or USB hubs. If the problem continues try connecting the Passport using another USB cable or to another PC.

to… jubei04

yes is same usb from the box with my passport wd

never change anything sir jubei04

Hi again, unfortunately it sounds like you have a faulty disk that needs to be replaced.