I cant format my WD HD. pls help

hi guys, everytime i  plug in my hd it says i need to format. if im about to format it says unable to complete formatting. what should i do??? thanks ihave a wd my passport 0748. using a window 7 home edition

which model is 0748 ?     (Model No. Starts with a WDB…)



ths uder the 6th image. “my passport”

whenever i click format it says unable to complete format.

ive done also the write zero. after 16hrs of formatting idk whats next.

here’s a simiilar link/problem


Is your drive appearing as RAW ?

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Dunno, you could try deleting the partition and re-initialize it ?

Edit: another suggestion … have you tried the WD Quick Reformatter ?