1TB My Passport - Reformatting Issue

So I’ve had this hd for about 4 months working perfectly with my windows 7 laptop. Yesterday I plugged it out of my computer and into my girlfriends computer (Vista) and then I plugged it back into my own computer. I didn’t use safe remove, though I’ll never make that mistake again.

My harddrive is now not responding at all. It shows up when I plug it in, but it tells me that it needs to be formatted in order for me to use it. However it wont let me format it at all. 

I’ve gone through various procedures described on this page such as deleting the partition in the devicemanager and reassigning it, but with no result. It still gives me errors everytime I try to format it. This error comes from both the Quick Formatter from WD or from the windows formatter.

Is there any other course of action I can take to format my disk? There should be some way to force it to reformat, I dont care much about the files on it, since I can reaquire those from other places. 

Hope you guys can help me out.

OK: Removing the drive without using  “Safe Removal” is BAD!!!

Why: Because the drive and the computer could be communicating and that moment and when you suddenly cut the communication the data of the drive becomes affected, CORRUPTED.

Solution: You will need to format the drive in order to recreate the drive file system and remove the corrupted, because unfortunately we don’t know which is the faulty drive.

Try a third p[arty p[artition tool there are plenty of freeones like EaseUS. Make sure your AV is off while tryomg to format.


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Thanks Joe, I’ll try to use that tool.