Not formatting, help!

A year ago my grandfather bought me a my passport essential (500gb). Every time I plug it into the computer a problem comes up. I HATE WD BECAUSE OF THIS, I dont have the money to replace it currently and I REALLY NEED THE SPACE but, when I try to format it (the drive is recognized as hard disk D:)  I am running windows 7 pro x32 (Im not 100% tech savvy so please dont put down random text commands, as I wont be sure if their run command or cmd or what), when I first plugged in the drive it said windows needs to format it so it can be used, so I did this, it was 100% successfully formatted as NTFS and went well for a couple of weeks. Now if I true to use it I only have a window close to 5 minutes before the file type converts back to RAW. I have had to many problems with this device and I need it to work, I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP. Thanks in advance.

If it keeps changing back to RAW, that’s far more likely to be due to a virus than some kind of hardware fault.

I think thats whats happening but how do I get it to stay formatted as NTFS or exFAT

As Soon As You Reformat The Drive You Put A Format to It, It Stayed Like That Forever Until You Change It… If This Problem Keep Happening To You I Recommend You To Try Different USB Cord Or Replacing The Drive… If The Drive Still Under The Warranty, The Replacement Its Free Of Charge… Try It !!