Can't find either WDTV Live box on network

I have 2 boxes on different TV’s in my house.  I recently had to reinstall windows and I now cannot detect either on my network nor through WD Discovery or WD Link.  On my other laptop, WD Discovery finds both right away.  I have gone through all the services and network settings and mirrored them on the laptop that will find them to the one that won’t, but it still won’t detect either.  I can log into them via Chrome by going to the IP address, and mapping them via My Computer using the same IP address doesn’t work.  Both players have WD external drives plugged in to them.  Any thoughts?

Make sure your WORKGROUP settings matrch on your re-install computer

The workgroup on all devices is just “WORKGROUP”, and still no go…

No other ideas on this?

Like I said, I CAN log in via Chrome by directly inputting the IP address, but I CANNOT find them on the windows network, WD Discovery, and I CANNOT map them as a drive by “\IP address”.  I also made sure the workgroup was the same, I made sure there were firewall exceptions, and I tried disabling Avast! for a time, and still no detection.  My other laptop will still find them and a network browser on my android phone will find them as well.  So the issue must be with my reinstalled windows…

might be a stupid question (or 2 or 3)  but can you see other network devices from the problem computer? Can both your WDTVs see that computer on the network?

Yes, I can see other computers on the network, and I can see my wireless printer.

No other thoughts/suggestions?

Have you verified “Network Share Server” is set to ON per page 31 of the user manual?

On the WDTV or on Windows?  I CAN access the other WDTV device from one WDTV device both ways, aka my downstairs device can stream from my upstairs device and visa versa.  So the network share on each WDTV device is working properly.