Can't connect to Dropbox with WD Backup


I have WD Backup 1.9.63… and WD Discovery 1.3.482. I have WD Backup set to back up selected folders to a My Passport, and I’m trying to add another backup plan to back up to Dropbox as well. I go to Settings… -> Add Backup Plan -> Dropbox, Next -> Sign In, but then nothing happens. I have the desktop Dropbox app installed (Windows 7) and logged into a Dropbox for Business account (which is the one I want to back up to).

Any ideas?

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Have you looked at this, New Release – My Cloud Dropbox 2.00 (8/22/17) .

Hi cat0w,

That doesn’t seem relevant since I don’t have a “My Cloud” device. Is it saying that Dropbox 2.0 is only supported for My Cloud devices?

Or in case you were suggesting using WD’s cloud storage, I have to use my company’s secure Dropbox account.


I have the same problem with the latest (as of this post) WD Backup on EasyStore 8Tb drive. I feel like all web links are broken, not only Dropbox sign-in. Clicking Help doesn’t do much. Same with WD Discovery like

[Window Title]


Application not found


@etbebl, you got to associate your web browser to open HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Click Start -> Default Programs, select your browser and make sure it handles those protocols.

Hm, I tried again today and the “Sign In” button has mysteriously started working. However, now when I paste a code in and press “Finish,” I get the message “Authorization error, try another key.” (again, this is a work Dropbox.)

OK, now the program seems to have gotten a major update. I click on Dropbox, and it seems to recognize that I’m already signed in. I hit next and I get the “Setup Complete!” screen, where I customize the backup schedule and files that will be backed up. But then when I click “Start Backup,” I get an error dialog that just says “Failed to create backup plan.”

Any ideas?

I am also having a problem backing up a dropbox for business account. I have My Passport device and the lastest version of My Backup installed. I can connect and backup my personal account but I can’t backup a dropbox for business account. When I choose “select files to back up” and I choose “Dropbox”, it doesn’t show me any files. Does anyone have any ideas to make this work?

Hi @ancongra, I think your issue is off-topic with this thread actually. My issue is that I can’t back up my files to a Dropbox account, whereas yours seems to be with backing up from your Dropbox to the drive.

OK there’s a new update, and the new error is: I click on “Add backup plan”, “Dropbox”, and “Next”, and I get an error saying “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

I don’t honestly care much about this program at this point, it’s just interesting to see how, despite still getting updates every few months, the software still consistently fails to provide this fairly simple feature of backing up to both the drive and a Dropbox. Why can’t they get this right?

WD Backup does not recognize my disk as a backup target. Only Dropbox is recognized.

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