WD Backup won't connect to Dropbox

I’ve tried to back up my Dropbox files to My Passport 4tb throught WS Backup, without success. When i press “connect”, it won’t perform any action. (it doesn’t even try connecting to my Dropbox account) . I tryed reinstalling everything, from WD Backup to Drop Box, cleared my cache, switched my default browser to Chrome, to Edge, to internet explorer…still had no success. Any tips? Thank you.


Try to use WD SmartWare instead.
How to setup

The issue with Dropbox API is fixed in WD Backup available with WD Discovery Beta.

Join WD Discovery Beta and test WD Backup 1.6.6.

Thank you very much

Same Problem. New ULTRA all installed and Update, READ and installed Beta, Update all agian. Restart and all i found what is possible to do, but NOTHING happend and it is not possible allow Access to Dropbox. That was only the Reason to buy a Ultra because backup special Things to Drobpbox and i update Dropbox to a 1TB Account and Pay for 1 Year §ggrrr§

regards from Switzerland