Can't change from relay to local access & can't upload file shares on desktop app

Hi all, I have a My Cloud Home and I am trying to upload some folders to share but have encountered several problems. When I log in to the desktop app the system says I am on a relay connection, but on the dashboard it claims to be local access. The desktop app also says there’s no space on the drive when I try to upload, which is incorrect. The screenshots below hopefully illustrate what I’m talking about.

There is no longer any ‘desktop app’ for the My Cloud Home (MCH). The app you signed in is called the webapp or browser app because it requires a browser and internet to function.

There is no conflict in the displayed dashboard as the state of connection could rotate between Relay<>Local<>Direct connection type depending on the state of UPnP support of your router. Some routers cannot handle UPnP properly and will not automatically port forward stably, so you lose ‘local’ from time to time or perhaps all the time.

If you are having a tough time getting update from the MCH, it could be that you have just recently copied a lot of data onto the disk and the MCH is busy indexing.

Make sure you have a working router with UPnP enabled and that your ISP is not blocking the ports required.

There must be about a dozen different threads on this by now and Western Digital has a KBA Knowledge Base article on UPnP.