Can't access private shares - help!

I know others have had this problem before me, but I can’t understand the solutions posted & have no idea what I’ve done wrong so far. I’ve got a new EX2 Ultra, I’m not trying to use it for cloud access or use automatic backups - yet. All I want to do for now is set it up so that a number of local W10 laptops can access shares on the disk. If I set up a Public share it works fine, but I’ve no security. If I set up a share with restricted access, no user can access it, whether they’ve got permission or not. I get “Destination Folder Access Denied” & “you need permission to perform this action”, even though I thought I’d set permissions up OK. Help please - explained in simple terms!

One step at a time. You should probably create user accounts that have access to the same share.

  1. Create user accounts for each laptop.
  2. Create the share you want them all to have access to.
  3. Give access to each user account.
  4. Then test from each laptop.

You can’t test the accounts from the same Windows PC. Windows won’t access it. That’s a limitation with Windows Samba shares.

Thanks for the help. So I can’t test multiple accounts from the same PC. Does that mean I can’t even from different Windows users on the same PC? It seems to be working properly from one laptop (“PC J”) using the admin user, and from a 2nd PC (“K”) using “Windows user A” and “WD user X”, but not letting me have access to the same share from PC K, Windows user B, & WD user X. Even though Windows user A isn’t in session at the time. I can’t see anything relevant in the Windows Credentials on PC K in either user, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place or not recognising the relevant credentials when I see them. Why could it be working from one Windows user but not the other on the same PC? And how do I fix it so I can make it work if I want to? Even a reboot doesn’t seem to resolve it. Is it to do with Windows Credentials being stored, & if so, how do I spot what to delete?