Can't access my WD ShareSpace - All services seem be down

After a reboot, via web interface, I´ve lost access to my  WD-SS.

It is inaccessible  via web and SSH, actually, i’ve runned a port scanner and all ports, but 21, is down.

It is reachable by WD Discovery tool.  Only “Create Desktop Shortcut” and “Turn on Identify LED” work.

Appreciate any help


Hi mate, just wondering if you had any luck as mine is doing the same…thanks

this is virtuall whats happening to me just look at my posts and keep checking back i might be able to recover the default Raid 5 if so ill post under my original post


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It’s Friday the 13th today, I realize and it started with the WD Sharespace reporting all my drives as faulty.

After a reboot, the drives are all fine - but the DataVolume is unassigned.

Now the Sharespace is not responding and there’s no way to reset it.