WDsharespace issue

HEllo there,

Here is a tricky situation since last Sunday.

I have a WD sharespace with 4 disk (Raid 5)  and since Sunday disk 3 crashed.

I removed it from the NAS to take a look at  it and test but now (after putting it back in) I cannot access the data anymore.

In fact I can’t even access the web interface.

It says;

There was an error connecting to the server “WDShareSpace”. Check the server name or IP address, and then try again.

When I try to FTP it it gives me:

Status:      Connection established, waiting for welcome message…

Response:                500 OOPS: failed to open vsftpd log file:/var/log/vsftpd.log

And when I Bonjour it I get http://wdsharespace.local./admin/inquirer.php loading for ever.

I can SSH it no problem and see all folder but then I am stuck (not a SSH specialist)

It there someone kind enough to tell me what I could do to at least mount the folder so I can back them up.

If I manage to get another NAS (WD SS) would it be ok to put the 4 drives on it ?

Any idea will be helpful.


It will not be OK to pull all of the drives as this will make the enclosure try to rebuild the RAID and you will loose the data.

What happens if you remove the problematic drive only, can you still access the drive?

No I can’t because the webinterface cannot be accessed and also I cannot mount the drive.

I heard there is a solution with linux to virtually mouhnt the raid with only 3 drives without rebuilting it.

I ll see how it goes.