Can't Access My Cloud Mirror 2

One week ago I clicked “upgrade firmware” on my server, and since then the power LED is off, the two drive LEDS are on and sometimes flicker, the drive appears on the network but cannot be accessed - I just get the message “Device is Offline.”

I’ve read the message boards here which indicate that it might be indexing, so every day I try again, but no change so far.

What else can I try? Thanks for any and all advice!

So I have a little progress… I found the IP of the device - which is somehow different than it used to be - and can access the shares on my iMac by mounting the server using my old admin username and password with the new IP.

BUT trying to log in via browser to http://wdmycloudmirror.local/ doesn’t work. I just get the error message

"This page isn’t working

wdmycloudmirror.local is currently unable to handle this request.


And also, if I try to log in in a browser at My Cloud it logs me in but says “Device is offline” and can’t see any of my shares or data.

The power LED on my Mc Cloud Mirror 2 is off, and the two drive LEDs are lit, with some minor flickering.

What is going on??

I did a device reset by unplugging the power, holding a paperclip in the reset hole above the ethernet ports, plugging the power cord in and holding down the paperclip for five seconds. It brought the device back to life and I am able to use it now to access files and do backups etc.


All of the WD software is still messed up. The local Web access is very slow, the “Capacity” pie chart just says “free” and the indexing has been going on for four days and says it is at 16%. Remote access gives a timeout error - perhaps because the indexing needs to complete?

My best guess is that my problems were caused by doing a firmware upgrade while the indexing had not completed.

How can any process possibly take 25 days, which is how long it seems it will take to “index” my approximately 500 Gigs of data? This whole WD My Cloud system is a mess, and honestly it has been unreliable for the entire four years I have had the drive.

I plan to migrate to a different NAS platform in the coming months.