My Cloud Mirror stopped working

Sorry if this is a repeat question but I can no longer access my drive.  It was working fine for a while and then all of sudden it has gone missing.  All my lights are blue and stable.  I’m on a mac with 10.9.5.  It doesn’t show up in finder, itunes or anywhere for that matter.  I’ve tried resettting the drive, changing the cable and changing the router port.  And when I try to access my dashboard via  http://wdmycloudmirror.local/ it doesn’t work either.  I’m at a loss.  Does anyone have experience with this?  And how can I keep it from happening again?  Thanks.

Yes. I have experienced this as well. The notes on the latest firmware update state that there were changes to the external hard drive backup process. I think this has affected the WDMyCloudMirror to have problems with any external hard drive attached to it. My solution, for now, is to not have any external hard drives attached to the WDMyCloudMirror and then everything works just fine. Unfortunately they need to fix this in the next firmware update since it seems pointless to have two USB ports on the back of the device and we can’t use them. Perhaps they need to go back to the programming for the USB backup from the previous firmware since I had no problems with my USB attached external hard drives on WDMyCloudMirror prior to the latest firmware update.