Can't access EX2 Ultra via web browers


I noticed today that I can no longer access my EX2 cloud via the web browser, it used to work fine.

I am using url
I am using the latest firmware
My cloud option is enabled and says status in dashboard says “connected - Port forwarding connection established”

I get 3 options on the webpage after trying to sign in

1 Check power - Its working I can access the drive over my network
2 Check firmware - its up to date
3 Accept certificate - Site is in-accessibly

Any ideas, im at a loss

Your router has probably rebooted and been given a new IP address. The MyCloud can’t cope with this. Turn the Cloud Access off, and back on again to re-establish the connection.

And, in future, try posting in the more relevant forum:

Thanks but we are using a fixed IP and I have tried turning it off and on but that didn’t help, same problem remains

Because I had the same issue and I never seem to see people posting how they resolved anything here which is extremely frustrating. My issue was that my HD1 had RED LED, I could access the files on my Mycloud but couldn’t log directly into it. I eventually found that my security software (Bitdefender) was blocking it because the login/password were not encrypted:

Online Threat Prevention

An attempt to send your password unencrypted was about to occur on We blocked the connection to stop your private data from being exposed and tampered with."

Once I made the exemption for this, I was able to login to my MyCloud, and it was saying HD1 was degraded, so I had to manually rebuild it which clearedf the red LED and all is fine now.