Cannot retrieve user access level permissions for folder.Unexpected error occurred 8004008A

Yes I need help.

Now I am a bit ignorant (lacking of knowledge) to this error fix. I have stopped and researched to find everything I can, to no avail has anyone seemed to fix this on the  WD Sentinel™ DX4000 where I get…

I emailed WD and created a Case on May 1st. Today is May 5th and No Response.

Because of the Respect I have for the Intelligence here in the WD Community, can and will someone with the solution(s) please help.

I have so far had No Success even after I…

Realizing they are busy, and needing to get this resolved I’ve turned here.

Who will help me get this fix completed Successfully?

Much appreciation and Great respect for Any/All help.

2 quick questions

Did you do anything to the documents “share” outside of the dashboard as in Windows Explorer?

Do you think you have any long file names over 256 characters?

Possibly Yes to both.

It works fine in my Windows Explorer and remember trying to change some file names. Then when I went to add a New User and give hime access to certain folders, everything went kaput.

I also may still have some long file names although I worked to eliminate anything over 100 characters awhile ago.

Another question first… You do not have any AV products on the server like Symantec for example?

Well this is what I would do, but you may want to see if WD has any better ideas.   I just did this on my Box to test, but I have a backup and I just run this box so I can break it and fix it.  Long story short in v.1 a lot of people “messed” with the default shares and broke things.  So in v.2 MS made a “fix” for this.

If you can back the box up, do so.  Then move everything from Documents “somewhere”.  It can be to an external USB drive, or even the Music share.  I actually did not empty my folder, but I would like for you to do this step

Now from windows explorer, MY compter>D: >server folders.  Right click Documents>properties>sharing>advanced sharing

Now look under share name and make sure it only has documents.  Not shared twice somehow.  Then unclick share this folder.  Click OK and close

Now go to the dashboard and the shares, and Documents should show missing.  Clcik on Documnets and then on the right hand side, recreate missing folder.

Now in the dashboard, right click documents>view properties>sharing and see if it is fixed.  Now move your documents back in batches and check between each batch to make sure it is still happpy.