Cannot restore from wd with timemachine

if i surf to the mybooklive in internetbrouser i see there is an backup made with time machine of my macbookpro.

however if i startup the time machine it does not see the backup made and shows me only the state of

my macbook as it is now, i cannot select the backup i see in the brouser.

please help

Try creating another backup and see if you have the same problem

you can restore the backup manually

for some reason TM is not finding the backup and AFAIK there’s no way to force the backup to mount on TM

What happens if you click on the time machine icon in the upper right part and then on enter time machine?

when i open timemachine en direkt it to the desired disc it does not see the bakcup.

in finder i see the original folder and the 80gb backup, but it seems i cannot do anything with it :frowning: