Cannot login as administrator after reset

My WiFi was playing up, so after many phonecalls got EE to replace the BrightBox2 router.
I also upgraded my mac to High Sierra, the new mac file format.

For some time my Time Machine backup was not completing, the folder now bore the name of “sparsebundle”. Dashboard settings unchanged, seems fine. This is the older single 3TB WD My Cloud which has been setup and running fine for 4 years

Decided on a reset. powered on pin reset.
4 seconds, nothing
10 seconds, nothing.
20 seconds… yellow light, green within 5 minutes BUT then yellow again.
15 minute later, all green. But I have lost login to my share folders as administrator.
I still have my public folders with Guest access only. I cannot login to access the dashboard.
This is true for WAN, LAN WD App

I wrote to WD support a week ago, no reply.
Will I be able to recover my folders, or have I in fact deleted the directory??

Have you tried a 40 Second Reset?

I suggest the following:

Check DHCP and uPNP settings in router.

Then demount and shutdown all devices on LAN, including modem and router(s).

Start up modem, and router

Do the 40 Second Reset on My Cloud

Then try to log in to Dashboard.

The 4-second reset will remove the admin password, but leave the admin username unchanged. Are you still trying to enter a password?