Unable to login to dashboard

am really pissed of this mycloud,
i tried doing reset but also am not able to login to mycloud.local
nothing happens if i click in login if i try from my other user "Only administrator users are allowed.
" shows this message

am really i want to login to mycloud dashboard :frowning: please help me out !

many thanks…

See the following WD Support document that explains how to use the reset button located on the back of the My Cloud to perform a 4 second reset or 40 second system restore.


i tried doing 4 sec reset time and again, and i don want to try that 40sec power reset coz i don wana loose my data from wdmycloud

i can access mycloud from wd apps in macosx but i cant login to mycloud dashboard … just login screen comes up and it doesnt let me in through login dashboard it jus freeze without doing any action after clcking on the login button also…

am really sad and need a good help so that i don have to loose my data

You do not loose user data by doing either a 4 second reset or a 40 second system restore. The link above details what settings on the My Cloud are reset to default. As that link states user data is not lost.

Have you tried a different web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard? Have you tried using a different computer’s web browser to access the Dashboard?

When you log into the My Cloud Dashboard you need to use the Administrator account. When you reset the My Cloud to default values the administrator account (admin) does not have a password.

sorry for late response ! my internet was down for a month …

ya i tried login with different pc and tablets also no response when i press login button :frowning:

really this wd personal cloud is being a headache to me

Have you tried accessing the Dashboard using the IP address of the MyCloud, rather than the device name?

Have you tried the suggested 40-second reset?

Hi, I am having the same problem - were you able to fix this and reach the dashboard?